Launch Linea7 7045 and 9002

Launch of two brand new ecological linea7 wasserstrich facing bricks




With the launch of Linea7 7045 and Linea7 9002 the ecological ‘Linea7-range' now consists of 9 subtly nuanced colour shades. These two brand new facing bricks bear the ECO-7-size’ label thanks to their narrower format.

With this, we are once again expanding our range of ecological facing bricks, with the concept of 'sustainable and ecological building' as the driving force for the future.

Linea7 7045 and Linea 9002 are ‘Kaliber Bricks’ with a high design value. They are ideally suited for contemporary and timeless architecture. Both bricks are manufactured according to the popular Wasserstrich method.
This gives them a uniform texture as well as a unique natural look, which characterises the Vande Moortel range.







Already 20 years ago, Steenbakkerij Vande Moortel resized the classic format of facing bricks and Clay pavers to an optimised, slimmer and ecological format..

Through this intervention, we further optimised the production of these sustainable building materials in terms of raw materials and energy.

Moreover, we have been meeting the needs for energy-efficient and sustainable construction for some time now. With ECO-7-size facing bricks, you choose an ecological solution and the quality of a brand new facade.