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Manufacturing dimensions (L x W x H)
ca. 224x73x54 mm (LxWxH)

case studie Nature7 MIX

Creativity with facing bricks defines look of office building

Creativity with facing bricks defines look of office building

Brick has been and still is the most durable and timeless material

CAW Oost-Vlaanderen is in the process of constructing an office building with primary care facilities and 16 short-stay units on the site of a former brewery in the heart of Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde. 

Scheldezicht, vertical city living in Antwerp

Scheldezicht, vertical city living in Antwerp

Brick shell makes landmark tangible and transparent

The task of designing an iconic tower for the Nieuw Zuid district in Antwerp was taken on by C.F. Møller Architects together with BRUT architecture and urban design. The master plan for Nieuw Zuid – a new urban development on the banks of the Scheldt to the south of the historic centre of Antwerp – defined the contours and the height of the tower.


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Reference list Nature7 MIX
Postal code City Street Bond Joint Joint colour Window Roofing Remarks
8211 Aartrijke Brugse Heirweg tov 91 12 mm 5 S - 5 V - 45 E - 45 N* * on demand
3740 Bilzen Biestertstraat 4 6 mm
2930 Brasschaat Prins Kavelhof 12 mm 190 assistentiewoningen - Mix Brick E - D - R en S - R - T
8830 Hooglede Hogestraat 3 6 mm appartement - Mix Brick A-R-M
8900 Ieper Werfstraat - Steendam 12 mm Mix 75 M - 25 V
8730 Oedelem Dorpstraat 62 6 mm Residentie Odilla - Mix Brick E 20 - K 80
8460 Oudenburg Ettelgemstraat 88 8 mm Mix 95 H - 5 Y
8800 Rumbeke Hoogstraat 12 mm School - Mix K-N-T-V-D-G
1703 Schepdaal Loveld 6 mm groepswoningen - Mix B-L-H
9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas Kardinaal Cardijnlaan 1 6 mm school - Mix Brick B 50 - H 50
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